Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the ultimate relaxation massage. Using massage lotion or oil, our therapists perform long smooth strokes, kneading, and circular movements on superficial layers of muscle. Swedish massage therapy ranges from gentle and relaxing to firm and invigorating, according to your preference. Add aromatherapy scented oils for just $10 extra.

Many clients enter a deep state of relaxation and rest. Swedish bodywork revitalizes your energy, helping to lower stress and anxiety. You may also combine healthful foot reflexology during your treatment for a head-to-toe body-massage experience. We recommend at least 90 minutes for combined foot and body-massage services.

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Hot-Stone Massage and Body Scrub

Your therapist places smooth heated stones on your back and legs to warm and loosen tight muscles, balancing energy. The massage therapist may also apply gentle pressure to aid relaxation. The soft radiant heat is comforting day or night. Grace Day Spa offers hot-stone massage at no extra charge with any 60-minute or longer service. Add body-scrub treatment for just $5.  Just ask us before your session starts and we'll gladly arrange these services for you!

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Deep-Tissue & Sports Massage

Athletes and weekend warriors benefit from regular massage treatment to soothe overworked muscles. Deep-tissue massage reduces painful tightness, improving blood circulation and oxygen delivery to aching muscles—essential for faster healing. Request a therapist with deep-tissue experience.

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Couples Massage

We equip our couple's room with two side-by-side massage tables in an intimate setting. Each partner has their own personal massage therapist. Couples massage is a great way for partners to reconnect or feel comfortable experiencing a massage, especially if this is either client's first massage experience. Please call or reserve ahead to ensure that two therapists are available for your preferred appointment.

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Prenatal Maternity Massage

Our skilled therapists understand the body changes expectant mothers experience. Regular prenatal massage is a beautiful personal experience that improves blood circulation to you and your unborn child. Pregnancy massage helps to relieve back strain, improving overall health, mood, and mental outlook. Book an appointment today and request a therapist with prenatal massage experience. You'll wonder why you waited this long.

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